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Mistakes That Tradies Make

Every form of business or service which one takes comes with certain risks. The tradies who take up jobs also make common mistakes which might affect their brand and service negatively. The tradie insurance Australia states that not having insurance is also a common mistake which the many tradies do not realize and consistently make. The service providers should carefully think about not getting involved in these common mistakes and should be aware of the red flag.


If you are thinking about what these mistakes could be here are the top ones which should be avoided at all cost. They are not all-inclusive and there could be many other mistakes that one makes but in general some things which are commonly seen are:

Asking for payments before the job: This is a number one alarm which puts the customers in doubt. It is true that the idea behind the same is to protect the payments which might come from bad experiences but truth be told this is not the best approach. There are many cases where the money taken up-front becomes a bad idea as the task is not completed on time or not completed at all. If there is need for money in the starting then it is better to let the clients know the reason behind it.

Not having insurance: This is seen with the most experienced tradies as well. The customers are of course cautious about their homes but what about the risks and liabilities s of the tradies? The tradie insurance is a must as it provides protection to them and in the absence, the situation can become really complicated if things go wrong.

Trying everything at once: The tradies should always stick to their skill set. This is very common mistake that they try to take on jobs which they are not confident about and end up ruining it. With this, their reputation also goes down which is bad. The idea of trying new things could be better pay but in that case, it is always best to then take proper training and experience before an individual assignment is undertaken. This is not just risky it also tarnishes the reputation which will be very difficult to change.


The tradie insurance might be a good option in case anything goes wrong and mistakes are made by the tradies. It is true that jobs cannot be done without risks but when a safety net is available why lose sleep over things.

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